Living Out of Lust: From the Shadows of Sexual Sin and into the Light

Many people in the church silently struggle with sexual sin. They want to be free from their sexual sin, but they have not been able to live beyond its reach. Without peace or hope, they spend their lives in the shadows of fear, shame, and guilt.

I have lived in some form of sexual sin for almost my entire life. From viewing pornographic magazines and videos to having multiple relationships with women at the same time, I continually fed my sexual appetite.

God told me several years ago that I did not have to sin sexually. At first, I did not understand how that was possible, but over the years, He has given me practical and preventive measures to not only turn from sexual temptation and sin but to enjoy the freedom of sexual purity.

Living Out of Lust was written to share my testimony of how God led me toward sexual purity. Through these pages, I will share my journey, struggles, and God’s principles for living sexually pure. Though sexual sin can leave you feeling morally, physically, and spiritually bankrupt, you can find freedom in the wisdom and teachings of God. He can help you overcome sexual temptation and put it in its proper place—behind you.