Using Your VA Loan to Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio

When I first joined the military, I thought your U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Home Loan Guaranty Program (VA loan) benefit could only be used once. However, through various circumstances, I learned that you can use your VA loan multiple times in certain circumstances. Now as a real estate agent and active duty military member, I have many conversations about the benefits of the VA loan and I want to summarize them in this book.

Use Your VA Loan to Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio,” will provide information on the VA loan, including its history, who qualifies to use it, and step-by-step instructions for utilizing this amazing benefit. In addition, I’ll provide strategies for using your VA loan to build a real estate portfolio. Much of the information provided in this book is a summary of what can be found on the VA website.

I’m excited to share the information in this book and help you take advantage of this valuable benefit. Let’s get to work and see how you can build your family legacy through real estate.