Joy: The Eternal Gift of God

Webster’s Dictionary defines joy as an emotion brought on by well-being, success, or a good future. It is a state of happiness or bliss; a source or cause of delight. The Bible further identifies joy through a wide range of experiences and emotions, such as gladness, calm delight, and rejoicing.

In a world that often demands more than it gives, experiencing joy can seem elusive. Relationships end. Your loved ones become sick or injured. Money problems. Car troubles. Work issues. Sometimes you just want one thing to go your way for once. You want your moment to dance and shout. You want joy.

Jesus came to the earth so that you can have an abundant life. He came so that you might experience joy—a joy no one can take from you.

I wrote Joy: The Eternal Gift of God as a short dialogue on how you can experience the fullness of joy. This book will address several obstacles to having joy and how you can find and keep your joy as you await the reward of eternal life.