Stripes: An Airman’s Bullet Writing (and Career Management) Guide

The most important document in an enlisted member’s career is the Enlisted Performance Report (EPR). This form has long-term impacts during and after his or her service. The final rank on the DD Form 214, Discharge Papers and Separation Documents, is largely based on the information provided in his or her evaluations.

Bullet statements are the building blocks of evaluations. Evaluations help make personnel decisions, such as promotion consideration, career opportunities, retraining, and reenlistments. With the significant weight EPRs have in your career and beyond, I wrote Stripes: An Airman’s Bullet Writing (and Career Management) Guide to help you write stellar bullet statements. I outline how to build a solid word picture, detail specific bullet writing mechanics, and help you write great EPRs line-by-line. I also provide a list of over two thousand action verbs to help you create hard-hitting bullet statements.

Because this edition has been updated, it is no longer available for purchase. You can download a free copy.