Twenty Essential for the Air Force First Sergeant

The role of the Air Force first sergeant is one of the most important positions in a military unit. As a focal point of enlisted readiness, morale, health, welfare, and discipline, the first sergeant is a principal advisor to the commander in preparing a mission-ready force. First sergeants are on call 24/7 and face multiple unit issues such as military or dependent deaths, financial issues, sexual assault, illegal drug use, adultery, suicides, and other miscellaneous infractions. The first sergeant special duty is extremely demanding and requires the best each first sergeant has to offer every day as leaders to the enlisted corps.

From the perspective of one first sergeant to another, Hamp Lee III shares Twenty Essentials for the Air Force First Sergeant. In this book, he provides helpful information and tools to navigate first sergeants through their years of serving American Airmen. From topics such as time management, personal integrity, and even bad days to issue discipline, Twenty Essentials for the Air Force First Sergeant will ensure a first sergeant’s mission of making Airmen their business will be a successful one.