Two Walking as One: Rediscovering Your Purpose in Marriage

Not all marriages can be saved, but yours can…

Many people marry for the pursuit of happiness, peace, and love. They want to spend the rest of their lives in joyful bliss. And though there are many dreams of a beautiful, successful, and peaceful marriage, many people don’t know how to make it a reality in their lives for one week, let alone a lifetime.

Some might find that having a beautiful, successful, and peaceful marriage is a lot different when two people come together from different backgrounds and experiences. Frustration sets in. Stress is magnified. Dreams are shattered. You try as hard as you can to find your way back to your expectations and dreams only to have them thrown back in your face. Unable to change the direction of your marriage or the heart of the person you committed to love, you settle for far less than your ideal. But not all troubled marriages have to remain in this state or end in divorce…

I wrote Two Walking As One: Rediscovering Your Purpose in Marriage to help struggling marriages. Many couples are silently hurting and suffering through feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, and discouragement. They cover their scars and pains from a marriage that became everything they never hoped for. So Lord willing, this study guide can provide couples with a few simple tools, resources, and information to establish a loving, mutually-edifying union before God.